• Registration is open on official race page by 14 March 2020 or by reaching the limit of 150 paid registrations per race.
  • Registration is confirmed when the entry fee is paid to the Organizer’s bank account.
  • When the limit of 150 applications per race is reached, the registrations will be considered by received payment order.
  • Entry fee is not refundable unless valid medical certificate is presented. Entry fee cannot be transferred to next year.
  • Entry list with competition numbers will be published on the official website

General Terms and Conditions

  • Each competes at own risk.
  • Participants are insured against accidents at Triglav Insurance Company.
  • Some parts of the track are included in public traffic system and the competitors must behave and act in accordance with the road traffic regulations.
  • Competitors may not change the frame parts, fork and rims during the match.
  • Competitors must wear a protective helmet left at all times.
  • Competitors under the age of 14 years can not compete due to the extreme difficulty of the race.
  • The competition is carried out in all weathers unless the safety of participants is at risk (extreme storm …). In such case Organizing Committee will decide on backup track or cancellation of the race.
  • The track will be marked in a way that will ensure that competitors will not have to deal with the orientation (strips, plates, flags …). Race staff and volunteers will be present at all key points to help in directing the competitors. All competitors must comply the marked path. Any use of shortcuts and biking out of the marked path shall be punished with immediate disqualification.

Penalties and prohibitions

  • failure to comply the marked path,
  • incomplete mandatory equipment,
  • refuse disposal along the trail,
  • use of transport during the match,
  • failing to aid another competitor in trouble (injury or sickness)
  • External aid outside service areas.

Medical care

Whenever the medical staff considers that a contestant is no longer able to continue the race they can stop competitor and take care. In case of violations, the competitor may be disqualified.

Photo documentation

Contestants agree to use of photo and video material recorded during the match for promotional purposes by the organizer.